Environment Policy



he Meclyn Way is the underpinning foundation of our core beliefs and values which guides our decisions and actions, which includes the company’s commitment to reducing our environmental impacts while providing superior service and value to our customers. The environment policy sets out our position on the environment. It covers all Meclyn activities that impact on the environment that we live and work in.


This policy applies to everyone who works at Meclyn in any capacity, whether full-time, part-time or casual, including temporary employees and contractors.


At Meclyn we will:

 Comply with environmental laws and regulations.
 Ensure an environmental management framework that includes environment standards, practices and procedures is developed, implemented and reviewed to identify and manage our material environmental risks.
 Develop a culture of sustainable environmental management by: developing the awareness and involvement of our employees; implementing programs for environmental management and energy reduction.
 Establish business unit-specific environment management strategies for reducing our rate of emissions and energy through improvement initiatives that are economically viable.
 Commit to actively considering the use of alternative energy sources and low emissions technology, as they become economically viable.
 Share best practices for environmental management and energy efficiency across our Divisions.
 Incorporate environmental and energy conservation considerations into our business decision-making processes, particularly for capital allocation.
 Engage with our suppliers, customers and joint venture partners to develop improved environmental sustainability practices.
The safety of people, the impact Meclyn has on the environment and the reputation of Toll is paramount to all of us and compliance with this Policy will enable us to achieve this.

All suspected breaches will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary and remedial action taken. Employees who do not strictly comply with this Policy will face disciplinary action, including counselling, formal warnings and dismissal.