Environment & Sustainability


We’re committed to reducing the impact of our environmental footprint while continuing to deliver optimal logistics solutions for our customers. The logistics sector moves and transports goods that are crucial to the growth and prosperity of society and its communities. As a regional leader in this sector we’re determined to play our part responsibly, meeting the current needs of our communities without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We see environmental sustainability as a core corporate responsibility, and we’re tackling it directly across our operations.

Becoming cleaner and greener

A greater understanding and improvements in technology provide us with opportunities to improve the way we operate and minimise our environmental impacts in a smarter and more measured way.

In the short term, this means we’re becoming cleaner and greener.

One way in which we’re achieving this is by applying new technologies and practices to reduce our consumption of non-renewable resources such as diesel, gas and electricity and reduce their associated greenhouse gas emissions. In the longer term we’ll move to renewable energy sources as they become viable.

We’re also keenly aware that Meclyn is a key component of our customers’ and suppliers’ supply chains. Our growing scale and global focus, combined with our ability to deliver integrated modal solutions, mean that we have a significant role to play working with our stakeholders to develop smarter, more sustainable solutions to reduce their carbon footprints and other key environmental impacts.

Moving to sustainable logistics and transport systems is a journey for all of us.

Towards a greener future

Our Smarter Green program. Smarter Green responds to the key impacts our operations have on the environment, including the impact of climate change on our business and energy use.

Under Smarter Green we’re setting targets to reduce our greenhouse gas intensities and developing comprehensive suites of initiatives for our diverse operations to improve environmental performance. We’re putting in place key performance indicators to give us confidence that we’re progressing to achieving our goals, and we’re sharing the story of our journey to sustainable logistics and transport with our stakeholders.